Anika S.

Christian is very patient and kind.  Before each treatment, he takes time to listen to me, make suggestions and offer advice to all of my ailments related to fertility.  He recommended some very good books that helped me answer questions in-between treatments.  I remember [him] saying at the first appointment that on average it takes about 3 months to start working and that is what happened – now I’m pregnant!  Everything about this experience has been top notch!  I would definitely, without any hesitation, recommend Christian to anyone looking for an acupuncturist in his areas of expertise!…This experience has been the best!  Thank you! – Anika S.


“…My AMH was .24, my doctor said I had a 20% chance of ever getting pregnant, and I believed, after 2.5 years of trying, that it was never going to happen.  You believed it could.  Max arrived [in July], and he is happy and healthy. Thank you for your services, your understanding, and for this precious little boy.  Sincerely, Becky”
(from a card)

“I like that you truly listened to me and seemed to understand the emotional pain of infertility in addition to the medical side of it.  One of my doctors in particular seemed annoyed at my visible emotional struggle and ignored it.  It felt so good to see you, and in addition to the treatment, have you ask about the emotional side of things and show concern.

I was in disbelief when I found out I was pregnant.  It was our 31st attempt at pregnancy and 9th try with fertility treatment.  You had said acupuncture would take 3 months to be effective, and during my third month of it, we got our positive test results.

I think that it is important for people to know that acupuncture can be effective alongside Western fertility treatments.

See you when it’s time to try for number two! – Becky”
(responses from feedback form)

A. H.-C.

“I have struggled with my complexion for over 18 years.  I’ve tried just about every trick in the book, but now after working with Christian for 3 months, my skin is the clearest and softest it’s ever been.  Not only is my complexion better, my sleep, anxiety and unease that I once felt has settled tremendously as well.  It’s clear that the treatment Christian has been providing is one that is really helping my overall health.  I was skeptical when I initially started, but after having seen the results, I could not be any happier and am convinced that herbs and acupuncture really work.  I recommend him to anyone.”  —  A. H.-C.

V. F.

“I have been having acupuncture treatments for three years.  It has helped my arthritis by relieving much of the pain and swelling of the joints.  Acupuncture has helped with circulation in my feet and legs.  I’m much more limber after a treatment.  I can take fewer pain pills and that is a good thing.  I’m glad I started these treatments, I plan to continue for a long time.” — V. F.

Rachel, Minneapolis

“I first came to see Christian upon the recommendation of a close friend of mine who knew that my husband and I were struggling to get pregnant with our second baby. I was immediately struck with his kind, gentle manner. I was at ease right away. Over the next several months, during my IVF cycles, I went for treatment once or twice a week. Not only do I firmly believe that it played a critical role in our success with cycle 2 but I also got a tremendous reduction in stress each time I went to the Center. Christian is wonderful. He asked a lot of questions about how the cycles were going, how I was feeling from all of the drugs and adjusted his treatment plan. I felt really well taken care of. Even though I was very happy with my fertility specialist, at some point you are just a number to them – the office visits are highly process-oriented and you don’t get a lot of one on one attention. The exact opposite was true of my acupuncture appointments. Christian took time to listen to me and to support me as I vented the sadness and frustration that goes along with some of this stuff. I fell sound asleep during nearly every treatment and left the Center feeling so relaxed and calm – I don’t know if I would have been able to handle the stress of IVF otherwise! When I look at my beautiful daughter, our IVF miracle baby, I know that my acupuncture treatments played a big role in making our dream come true. Thank goodness I learned about Christian and the Center – I can’t imagine life without my little Evelyn!!”  — Rachel, Minneapolis

M. G.

“I have been seeing Christian for acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs and recommend him to anyone. He taught me a lot about Chinese medicine and how to incorporate it into my own life to treat my infertility. It’s easy to feel comfortable with him because of his compassionate and attentive nature–he truly cares about his patients. I am happy to report I am now receiving acupuncture treatments from Christian to support my pregnancy and ease the first trimester side effects!”   –M. G.

Kathie B.

“Hi I saw Christian for acupuncture, herbs, and moxabustion over several months for a chronic condition that was causing serious difficulty in my life. Christian was wonderful. I would recommend him and the center very highly. It was one of the best health care experiences I have ever had. He is expert, yet gentle, very good at explaining what he is doing and why, always patient with my many questions. When frequent treatments didn’t fit my budget, he found ways to work together that got me the results I needed. He always returned my calls promptly. And, last but not least, his treatment was successful. The staff at the center was warm and welcoming, and the physical environment there is very pleasant, relaxing and healing. Thanks to Christian and the center I am enjoying greatly improved health.”  With gratitude  — Kathie B.

H. W.

“Christian will meet you where you are at, so do not be afraid to approach this calm and comfortable clinic. Even if you’re brand new to acupuncture or TCM, Christian will ease you into your treatment options and help you understand the nuances of your care.

Christian is an extremely kind, patient, and gentle practitioner. He always made me feel comfortable and listened to during our sessions. Christian took a holistic approach to his treatments and clearly tailored each treatment to my situation on a weekly basis. It is because of these reasons– and many more– that I wholeheartedly recommend Christian and the Natural Health and Fertility Center to friends and family.

I … believe that his treatments and care were critical — and in part responsible — for helping me achieve a natural, healthy, pregnancy.”    –H. W.