Rachel, Minneapolis

“I first came to see Christian upon the recommendation of a close friend of mine who knew that my husband and I were struggling to get pregnant with our second baby. I was immediately struck with his kind, gentle manner. I was at ease right away. Over the next several months, during my IVF cycles, I went for treatment once or twice a week. Not only do I firmly believe that it played a critical role in our success with cycle 2 but I also got a tremendous reduction in stress each time I went to the Center. Christian is wonderful. He asked a lot of questions about how the cycles were going, how I was feeling from all of the drugs and adjusted his treatment plan. I felt really well taken care of. Even though I was very happy with my fertility specialist, at some point you are just a number to them – the office visits are highly process-oriented and you don’t get a lot of one on one attention. The exact opposite was true of my acupuncture appointments. Christian took time to listen to me and to support me as I vented the sadness and frustration that goes along with some of this stuff. I fell sound asleep during nearly every treatment and left the Center feeling so relaxed and calm – I don’t know if I would have been able to handle the stress of IVF otherwise! When I look at my beautiful daughter, our IVF miracle baby, I know that my acupuncture treatments played a big role in making our dream come true. Thank goodness I learned about Christian and the Center – I can’t imagine life without my little Evelyn!!”  — Rachel, Minneapolis