Suggested Reading

General books about Chinese medicine

How to Thrive in the Modern World

NHFC’s own ebook describing the basics of Chinese medicine, how it works and what to expect from treatment.

Books about Infertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Each of these books has their individual strengths and all work well together to provide information about the Chinese medicine approach to supporting and optimizing fertility.

The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis, PhD, MSOM

An excellent introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, dietary advice, and more detailed information on how Chinese medicine views and treats various types of infertility.

Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility  by Sami S. David, MD &  Jill Blakeway, LAc

MAKING BABIES offers a proven 3-month program designed to help any woman get pregnant, and has a clear and easy to follow system for dietary advice and other self-help steps that can complement getting pregnant naturally or with the help of Western techniques like IVF or IUI.

Fertility Wisdom by Angela Wu, LAc, OMD

Another book giving more background into Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments and self-help techniques. An especially good resource for dietary advice.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Getting Pregnant: Boost Your Fertility with the Best of Traditional and Alternative Therapies by Raymond Chang, MD and Elena Oumano, PhD

A book written by a western doctor trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine that takes into account both western and eastern treatment approaches.

Research Articles


The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine maintains an up to date listing of past and current research in the area of Oriental Medicine and fertility issues.

Recommended practitioners for supportive treatments, by category/location

Community Acupuncture

Kingfield Community Acupuncture – located in the Solomon’s Porch building, KCA is Christian Fetsch.  We provide comprehensive and affordable acupuncture and herbal consultations in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis.


There are many excellent bodyworkers in the Twin Cities area.


Lucinda Pepper– an excellent bodyworker located at 280 and University Ave on the Minneapolis / St. Paul border.  She is the owner of Embodied Health and is also a wonderful yoga instructor.

St. Paul:

Big River Bodyworks– Chris Gordon offers Thai yoga massage and deep tissue techniques in his bodywork practice.  He also teaches yoga at his Big River Yoga studio, on 25th Street in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Diane Witte- located in the Body Balance Healing Center at Selby and Western in St. Paul, Diane’s touch is driven by her years of experience.

Maya abdominal massage

This method of abdominal manipulations treats a variety of issues related to reproductive health issues, like infertility, menstrual irregularities, and other issues of the abdomen

Jane Quade, RN

Adagio Holistic Therapies


Shiatsu uses the same theories and channels/points as acupuncture, but uses manual techniques to create balance in the body.

Carl Atkinson – based in the warehouse district of Minneapolis

Other useful links: – the website of a world-renowned OM clinic in Los Angeles, California.  This site has great information on different health issues treated by OM and herbal therapies, as well as more in-depth details on how it all works. – for further information on acupuncture and herbal medicine and practitioner referrals across the country – a national infertility support group –

For a free consultation or to schedule an appointment please call 612-871-2288.

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