Pregnancy Support

We provide support for women during pregnancy, including:

First trimester symptoms:

Miscarriage prevention:  Both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may help prevent miscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy.  Often after approximately 12-15 weeks, treatments may continue to help support labor and delivery.

Morning sickness: Acupuncture and herbal medicine may help reduce or eliminate morning sickness.

Fatigue:  With the changes that accompany pregnancy, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture may help reduce or alleviate


Second trimester symptoms:  Symptoms related to ongoing pregnancy may be helped with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.




Sleep problems


Elevated blood pressure


 Third trimester symptoms:  Treatments during this stage mainly focus on helping to prepare for labor and delivery.

Breech presentation:  Using moxa, specific points are stimulated to help turn a baby to the head down position for delivery.  This is best attempted as soon as breech presentation is detected, preferably in the span of 35-37 weeks, but may be useful at any point in the pregnancy.


Back, hip, pelvic and joint pain


Labor induction/support:  If you’re past your due date, acupuncture may assist in helping labor get started, and may reduce pain and stress during delivery.

Depression during/after pregnancy:  Recent studies have shown positive results for treating this issue.

Breech presentation:  Specific points on the feet are stimulated to turn feet-first babies.  This approach is best done as soon as possible, as babies closer to term can be too big to turn using this method.  This said, it may still be beneficial to try at any point  detected.


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