Postpartum treatments: Recovery from childbirth and support for baby

Whether delivery went smoothly or not, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may help new mothers recover more quickly from the exertion of labor, and may effectively address other health concerns.

Postpartum recovery:  Treatments involve supporting healing and addressing any pain issues after delivery.

Breast feeding:  If there are any issues with insufficient breast milk, or mom experiences mastitis, herbs and/or acupuncture may help.

Postpartum depression: Recent studies report positive results for treating this issue with Traditional Chinese Medicine, both during pregnancy and after delivery.

Supporting baby’s development and health: If baby is showing signs of developmental issues due to premature birth or commonly seen conditions like eczema, thrush, respiratory issues, or others, we can either prescribe herbs that mom can take and supply to baby through breast feeding, or herbal preparations can be added to baby’s formula to help support development and overall health.

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