Fertility treatments for women

The treatment of fertility issues in women can vary from straightforward to complex.  Since each patient’s situation is unique, our treatments are tailored to treat each woman individually.  This means that even though two different women may have period pain, for example, the cause of their pain in Chinese medicine terms may be different and require different treatments.  This benefits the patient because we are able to tailor treatments to each person throughout the treatment process.  Chinese medicine is not a “one-size-fits-all” system – side effects are eliminated or minimized as a result.

Since we tailor our treatments to each patient, our general goal for each woman is to address any menstrual cycle issues she may have, like irregular periods, pain with periods, heavy periods, etc.  In most cases, simply regulating the menstrual cycle can create the ideal conditions in the uterus for conception to take place.  (See this blog post related to uterine health)

We do suggest a general course of treatment of at least 3 menstrual cycles because physiologically this is the amount of time it takes for a follicle to reach maturity and to be released for fertilization by a sperm cell.  Our treatments may take longer to show the desired results, from 3 months up to 1-2 years, but with some exceptions, if there is no change in menstrual cycles after 1 year of treatment, then our treatments may not be beneficial.

Specific women’s infertility issues treated include:

  • General preparation for pregnancy
  • Support of natural conception
  • Unexplained infertility – in most cases, treatment of both partners in the event of unexplained infertility is important for best results
  • Assisted Reproductive Techniques support – Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In-vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Pregnancy support
  • Labor and delivery support – including turning breech fetus
  • Postpartum recovery – including recovery from surgery, post-partum depression, insufficient breastmilk

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  1. We have been ttc for a little over two years. I’ve used opks with no sign of an lh surge. I’ve been tested and show low progesterone and my husband has had a semen analysis that shows normal results. I am looking for a natural way to conceive, I have seen a specialist and their option for me was clomid or Femara. These aren’t options for me at this time because I get sick on prescriptions. And I don’t like not knowing what I’m putting in my body. If you give natural options and have an idea for me I’m interested in being seen. Thank you

    1. Hello Hannah, thanks for your comment – sorry I didn’t see this until now. There may be some things acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can do for you. The main approach is to help regulate your menstrual cycles, then usually conception follows. I could answer your questions about the treatments for you if you’d like to sign up for a free informational consultation – go to http://www.naturalhealthandfertility.com/appointments and select “informational consultation”. Otherwise, give me a call at 612-871-2288 and we could find a time for you to come in.

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