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  1. I am interested in infertility acupuncture. We have been trying for 2 yrs now with no luck. we have had all of the normal tests done to find the cause and all have come back normal.

    1. TCM treatments may be effective, depending on each specific situation. I’d be happy to meet with you for a free informational consultation, if you’re‚Äč interested- call me at 612-871-2288 if you’re interested and we could set up a time.

    1. Hi Caroline, let me know if you’re still looking for help. Obviously my website isn’t working that well at connecting me with people, so I’m sorry about only contacting you now. I would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation, if you’re still in search of help for your issue. Best wishes, Christian

  2. We have been trying for a while now to get pregnant but haven’t had no luck yet. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a baby. But we really wanna have a baby.

    1. Hello Sara, sorry I haven’t responded to this yet, but I obviously didn’t receive this notice when you posted it to my website…I would be happy to meet with you if you still are interested in finding out what I do to help couples conceive. Please reply to this and we could set up a free initial consultation. Best, Christian

  3. Hi

    I was reffered you guys from a friend. I would like to set an appointment to see you the natural doctors. I recently have been off birth control pill and have been having trouble with it. I had the flu last weekend and this week.
    I just want to see someone

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