IVF informational article

Here’s a link to a New York Post article with some information if you’re thinking about starting, or are already within, the IVF process.

Fertility clinics may take some offense to the article, but I think the face value of the information is informative and useful for those thinking about the IVF process.  In my experience, Twin Cities IVF clinics are very responsible and do their best to explain outcomes and the entire process to patients.  I am posting this article not to somehow implicate that IVF clinics locally do what is described in the article, but merely to highlight information that may not occur to those seeking help through IVF.

10 Things Fertility Clinics Won’t Tell You

REMEMBER: the Chinese medicine techniques of acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary therapy may benefit those going through the IVF process.  In an article I will reference in another blog post, the increase in take home babies may be significant if acupuncture and IVF are combined.

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