Acupuncture for Infertility

Acupuncture may help you overcome your fertility challenges.

Have you been struggling with fertility challenges and are wondering if acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medical techniques might help you?  While our website is full of information that is geared toward helping you decide if acupuncture is the right approach for you, I decided to post a link to another source of good information that might explain the benefits acupuncture and Chinese Medicine offers to those struggling with fertility challenges.

In my experience, many of the patients only find out about acupuncture for infertility treatments when at the end of their ropes – after multiple IUI’s, IVF’s and other assisted reproductive techniques.  While these Assisted Reproductive Techniques are definitely helpful, and indeed necessary for many couples, I find that many of my patients may not have even needed to resort to these approaches if they’d found out about what Chinese medical approaches can do for them without hormones or other techniques with uncomfortable or harmful side-effects.

If you are one of those people thinking about using Chinese Medicine to help you conceive, contact me for a free half hour informational consultation, and I can give you more information about this comprehensive, time-honored and proven healthcare system and how it may benefit your fertility!

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