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I recently received this message from the Twin Cities chapter of Slow Food, asking for help in signing a petition for Cedar Summit Farm. If you’re interested in signing the petition to help save their organic, grass-fed milk operation, please do and send it on to anyone you think might be interested in signing as well.  Thanks!


Just forwarding this in support of the Minars, who run Cedar Summit Farm, and hope you’ll consider signing their petition.

Dear Slow Food community,
At our annual meeting this afternoon, we heard from Dave and Florence Minar of Cedar Summit Farm about the fact that high voltage power lines are slated to run across their property. It’s too late to change this, but the state of Minnesota passed legislation requiring the power company to purchase the farm at market rate if the Minars (and others in their situation) wish to relocate.
The problem is that Cedar Summit Farm is certified organic and any new 400-acre farm would most likely not be. If the Minars relocate, it would take three years before their products could be certified organic. Our state legislature is considering a bill that would compensate displaced organic farmers for the cost of getting a new certified organic farm up and running. There is a petition you may wish to sign in support of this bill. Please consider signing it and passing the information on to your friends.
The link is here:
Thanks for your time!
Jane Rosemarin,
for the board of Slow Food MN

“Twin Cities” is part of our name because there are three other chapters in Minnesota. Our chapter is a large one, encompassing much of the state. Other chapters are in Duluth, Rochester and Fergus Falls.

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