Study: Health of the uterus is more relevant than egg quality for a newborn to achieve normal birth weight and full gestation

A study of over 70,000 in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles resulting in singleton pregnancies has shown that uterine health is more influential to achieving normal birth weight and longer gestational age babies.  Both of these factors are important indicators of newborn health.

While egg quality is important for conception, the uterine environment is more important for fetal development.  This study shows that infertility diagnoses (fibroids, endometriosis, etc.) in women trying to conceive can impact their baby’s birthweight and the length of gestational time in the uterus.

Another observation of the study indicates that frozen embryo transfer and gestational carrier pregnancies showed higher birthweights and longer gestational ages, thought to be tied to an “unstimulated” uterus.  In these two types of IVF, there are no drugs administered to stimulate the ovaries to obtain eggs, so the uterus has not been exposed to the drugs either

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