Herbal immunity boost – a tasty way for the whole family to fight colds and flu!

We’ve already been seeing a number of common cold cases here at NHFC, even with the relatively warm weather we’ve been having so far this fall.  I think with fall activities ramping up and with school beginning again, cold viruses are beginning their return.

Since fighting colds are such a big part of trying to stay healthy in the winter months, we are offering a tasty addition to soups and stews that can help build your immunity to help fight colds and flu.  Five herbs are combined in this herbal immunity mix to support qi and blood, one way of helping to build immunity in Chinese medical theory.  Each package is $4.50 plus tax, and is enough for one recipe of chicken soup (or other soup recipe).

Herbal soup mix to benefit Qi and Blood
Herbal soup mix to benefit Qi and Blood

Ask about it the next time you’re in!

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